Portfolio – NGE

Project Brief

NewtralGroundz Entertainment started as a small website focusing on New Orleans hip hop and culture. The lack of professional counter culture platforms in New Orleans led a small team of locals to build NGE into what it is today.

We currently have a follower network of over 500k people spread across our social media platforms, and influencer accounts. We built this brand completely from scratch, and are growing at an exponential rate. Our mission with NGE is to put New Orleans on a world a stage.

The very energy that makes our city unique exists in all of us. We create relatable content that engages the masses.

Skills Needed ​

Building a digital platform that produces traffic is no easy task. There are a plethora of skills needed to make a web platform work.

Design work is imperative because without a business aesthetic, it’s hard to separate yourself from your competition.

We carefully crafted the brand for NGE from the name to the colors. Content production was also a big part of building this platform.

Videos are so necessary, that if you don’t have them you shouldn’t bother trying to advertise. Another big hurdle was capturing our niche and driving them to our page.

Without a brand strategist and multimedia analyst, this would have taken years. We managed to tap into our niche in 6 months with just 500 instagram posts.

Account Management ​

Creating a digital footprint takes time. We’ve moved passed the times where you can buy 100k followers for maximum brand exposure.

The social media apps have gotten smarter, and now only favor organically grown, consistently managed accounts.

The social media algorithms are ever changing, a feature that helps us stay ahead of the curve. The goal is to produce often enough to track successful campaigns.

Market Penetration ​

The best part about creating Newtral Groundz Entertainment was being able to  see how to corner the New Orleans market.

The goal of a brand is to find their target market, and grow your business based on their needs.

NGE was by far one of our most successful campaigns, and that was because we cornered our market and kept them engaged.