About Us


Newtral Groundz Media, LLC is a digital marketing agency based in New Orleans with a mission singularly focused on providing creative and impactful marketing services. We pride ourselves in establishing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our clients. We create tailored solutions based on our client’s needs and agenda.

Our brand name derived from what New Orleanians call the median that divides major streets. The neutral ground is a symbol inclusion. The Anglo Americans and French would use the neutral ground as place to do business with each other in-spite of their differences. We named our business Newtral Groundz because our brand acts a place for companies and customers to connect. Our in house production team, brand specialists, and entertainment platform (www.newtralgroundz.com) were created to help transform businesses. Our slogan Advertising In Between the Lines speaks to our passion for innovation and detail.

Our Vision:

  • To be the most innovative, inclusive, and honest digital marketing agency in New Orleans.
  • To provide current industry grade services for affordable prices.
  • To give back to the New Orleans community and provide a hub for interactive learning.

At Newtral Groundz, our goal is to add real value for our clients by creating engaging campaigns with top notch content that will build the foundation for your online visibility. We want our customers to be satisfied and planning out the campaigns by line item shows our client where the value is going. We never stop coming up with new ways to drive traffic. The digital age has changed marketing forever, and our job is to make sure that our clients aren’t left behind.

Digital marketing is an ever changing industry that literally alters monthly sometimes weekly! We have amazing adaptation capabilities to ensure that your campaign is adjusting to the hurdles appearing over time. We are a 100% results driven agency that wants to see our clients win.

Newtral Groundz brings together some of the most innovative minds that New Orleans has to offer. We’ve trained through industry leaders, and acquired the knowledge necessary to help grow any brand. By creating our Newtral Groundz Entertainment platform, we’ve learned a lot about building and maintaining an advertising presence in New Orleans. We want to share that knowledge to the business owners who are great at what they do, but need a little help in the advertising department.

Contact us today to speak directly with one of the founders of Newtral Groundz here in New Orleans to learn more about how we can build your online visibility from the ground up, and trigger the growth of your online business.