Project Description

Project Brief

We were gifted the opportunity by New Orleans media personality Jahze of JahzeTV to cover Essence Weekend 2018. We were tasked with filming floor interviews, taking photos, and covering the press room. This was an enriching experience due to Essence being under the new ownership of Richelieu Dennis.

The Challenge

Our challenge was the fact that this was our first time teaming up with JahzeTV on any project, and both of our first times covering Essence Fest. This was also the largest Essence Fest in history which meant we had to learn fast. The weekend started off smooth, and there were a few bumps in the road; but we put together amazing footage and captured memorable moments.

The Solution

Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. This industry is all about adapting and making the best out of each situation. The first day we didn’t even make it to the press room, but each day we learned. Learning is pivotal to anyone’s success because we’re never supposed to stop doing it. Essence Festival was one for the books, and we met some amazing people!

Essence Festival Interviews + Press Room

R&B Singer Ashanti Essence Fest Interview

Shae Moisture Interview Essence Fest

My Black is Beautiful Interview Essence Fest

The Skills Needed To Complete this Project


Audio & Visual knowledge is a must when on the field. So many things need to be troubleshooted along the way, an expert needed to be present. We ran a two person set up, with one camera, and one audio technician.

Field Reporting

Knowledge of field reporting was pivotal in this project. Without a skilled field reporter we would not have been able to interview as many people in the time that we did. Our field reporter was media personality, and host Jahze of JahzeTV.

Critical Thinking

This particular Essence Fest did record breaking numbers in attendance. We had to use our gut to decide where we could get the best content. We couldn’t be in all places at once.

Post Production

After the 72 hours of filming, we had to put it all together. This is where post production comes in. We compiled all of the audio and video files into a weekend recap, and individual interview videos.