Project Description

No project is too big

When we first met the owners of Big Easy Billboards Ernest and Chris, they had a truck and a vision. A Big Easy Billboard is a truck with a 9 foot screen built for photo and video display. They enlisted our services to help brand the business and build their creative infrastructure. The biggest hurdle was creating their digital presence, building their website, and establishing a good SEO strategy. They also worked out a deal with us to design all of the ad placements on the truck.  We have been working with Big Easy Billboards for two years and have built a mutually beneficial relationship. Our collective resources can add value to any business in New Orleans seeking to increase their reach.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design was a big part of this job. It’s all about creating an aesthetic that can be remembered about the brand. We created everything from their business cards, to their logo, and website. In house production rates saved them a ton of money, while providing them with the needed services to grow.

Product Photography

The product is the most important part of the business if you’re selling something. Product photos are always necessary, even if the product is a 10 foot tall video truck. We have the necessary tools to capture your selling point in a way that appeals to your audience.

Social Media Management

Without a social media presence in 2019, you may as well hang up the closed sign. The reason most businesses don’t get into social media is because of the large amount of time that it takes to build a successful profile. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity sets you apart from your competition. We wanted to highlight the New Orleans flavor in Big Easy Billboards by incorporating cultural references when ever they emerge. 

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy sat at the cornerstone of this campaign. Mixing digital advertising with outdoor advertising was a little tricky. Working with Big Easy Billboards helped us tap into a large pool of knowledge that we will continue to use for our future clients. Networking and building relationships is what business owners need to grow. Producing quality content and marketing campaigns provides our clients with the leverage needed to navigate their industry.